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Cult Movie Essentials: Neon City (1991)

Directed by Monte Markham, Neon City (aka Anno 2053 aka Neonski Grad) is a post-apocalyptic update of John Ford’s Stagecoach that takes place in the 2050’s where mass ecological damage has left the planet badly damaged. As a result huge abandoned lawless areas exist inhabited by mutant raiders.

One night ex-cop turned bounty hunter Harry M. Stark (played by the legendary Michael Ironside) saves a lady named Reno (Vanity) from mutant raiders and then brings her into town to collect the bounty on her. Upon arrival, Stark is informed by his ex-boss Captain Raymond (Monte Markham), that he must take Reno to Neon City to collect his payment. Raymond requests that Stark ride shotgun on a transport that is going to Neon City, but he refuses. When Stark’s truck blows up, Raymond claims it to be an act of terrorism by mutants. Stark attacks Raymond, only to be knocked unconscious and placed on the transport with Reno!

Awakening on the transport, Stark discover he is in the company of a man named Bulk (Lyle Alzado in his last film role), a former friend and ex-cop whom Stark once arrested. Also present is a serial killer who pretends to be a doctor named  Dr. Tom (Nick Klar), a clown named Dickie Devine (Richard Sanders), Twink Talaman (Juliet Landau) – the daughter of an influential Neon City politician, Wing (Arsenio ‘Sonny’ Trinidad), a private old man, and Sandy Randall (Valerie Wildman) – who just happens to be Stark’s ex-wife! Plus Chuck Zito pops up to!

Surely nothing could go wrong on a journey with a crew like that?

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