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Created by Frank Lupo, Raven debuted in 1992 and ran for twenty episodes. The show followed the adventures of Jonathon Raven (played by Jeffrey Meek), a ninja-trained former Special Forces agent. Raven has since retired from active duty and now resides in Hawaii where he continues to search for his long-lost son. He is assisted by his former military friend turned eccentric (ie> heavy drinking) private investigator, Herman “Ski” Jablonski (played by Lee Majors).

During his searching he is attacked by the Black Dragon ninja clan who have come to end his bloodline. You see when he was twelve, the Black Dragon killed Raven’s parents. This resulted in him training with the Black Dragon for a number of years with the hopes of learning and mastering their lethal ninja skills and then using them to avenge his parents’ murder.

When the Black Dragon learn of his plan, Raven and his pregnant wife Aki are suddenly in danger. Sadly, Aki dies shortly after giving birth to their son, but before she passes away, she arranges for their son to be hidden as she knows his life is in danger. Raven arrives after his wife has passed away so never learns where his son is. Mourning, he joins the U.S. Special Forces working under a man named Nick Henderson (played by James Handy)`before retiring to Hawaii.

Later adventures involve Raven trying to discover if a woman who is a friend of his son’s mother, knows where he is but discovers someone is trying to kill her and that person is a former Agency colleague. Raven would also have to put up with Ski’s antics and various arrests. At one time Ski’s arrest result in a judge ordering for him to be psychologically evaluated. While at the hospital, a nurse approaches Ski and informs him she knows who killed JFK!


Founded Cult Faction in 2014; previously crawled out of the Black Lodge in 1976, only to find himself in the Village.

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