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Dark Shadows: Reincarnation in development

Deadline have revealed that the Collins family are set to rise from the dead once more in the Warner Bros. television show Dark Shadows: Reincarnation. Fans of the original show, Tim Burton movie, and audio dramas do seem to have a good reason to be excited as Dark Shadows: Reincarnation will “be a modern-day continuation of the strange, terrifying, and sexy saga of the Collins family of Collinsport, Maine — a mysterious, influential, publicity-shy group hiding a ghastly secret: For the past 400 years, they’ve lived under a curse that bedevils their blue blood with every imaginable supernatural creature and horror.”

Mark B. Perry will be writing the pilot episode and has wanted to “reassure the fans of the original that this version will treat the show’s mythology with the same reverence given to Star Trek, but will also make the show accessible for audiences who aren’t yet familiar with the macabre world of the Collinses.”

Perry also revealed the chance that some changes to the story of the Collins family make take place: “My plan is to take as few liberties as possible with the Dark Shadows canon, while bearing in mind a quote from a 1970s episode delivered by the inimitable Oscar-nominee Grayson Hall as Dr. Julia Hoffman: ‘The Collins family history is not particularly famous for its accuracy.’”

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