Cult TV Essentials

Cult TV Essentials: Lion-Maru G

Debuting in 2006, the thirteen episode series Lion-Maru G was the third part of the Lion-Maru trilogy (the other two being Kaiketsu Lion-Maru and Fuun Lion-Maru). Set in 2011 on the backdrop of a vicious crimewave we learn that a new contact lens drug called “Skull Eyes” enables people to become superhumans called Kabukimono.

This gang violence soon surrounds unlucky Shishimaru who is earning a poor living in Neo-Kabuki-Cho (Red Light District) as a ‘host’ in an exclusive club. Disheartened at what happened to him, , Shishimaru is told by an elderly man that this was no accident, and hands him the legendary sword Kinsachi, explaining his true destiny as the next Lion Maru.

Shishimaru also learns that someone out there’s got the only weapon equal to its power, the Ginsachi, meaning that Shishimaru is in for a fight for his life…

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