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Kid ‘n Play

Debuting in September 1990, Kid ‘n Play was another cartoon based on a popular musical act. It was launched of the back of their House Party movie.  It was produced by Marvel Productions and Saban Entertainment and ran for one season of 13 episodes. The show followed teenage versions of Hip-Hop sensations Kid ‘n Play as they displayed positive characteristics in an attempt to positively influence the audience. The real Kid ‘n Play appeared and the start and end of each episode to introduce and then later reflect on what had been learned from the episodes adventure. During the cartoon element of the show Kid was voiced by Christopher Carter whilst Play was voiced by Brian Stokes Mitchell.

As mentioned the show made a big point of setting up Kid ‘n Play as positive role models with their various adventures educating young children to get along with each other and not get into any trouble. As seen in their House Party movie, Play was the less responsible member of the duo often trying to get Kid involved in a get rich quick schemes, while Kid on the other hand was the more responsible one who would have to clean up Play’s mess.

Often Kid ‘n Play would receive sage like advice from Old Blue (Dorian Harewood), an elderly jazz musician who at one time helped Kid’s father understand hip-hop, and sent Kid on a trip back in time to the era of jazz and speakeasies to help better understand hip-hop’s roots.

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