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The Lost Room

Created by Christopher Leone and Laura Harkcom, The Lost Room hit our TV screens back in 2006. The three episode miniseries follows Detective Joe Miller (Peter Krause) who accidently stumbles upon the existence of The Lost Room.

The Lost Room of the series is the non-existent Room 10 of the abandoned Sunshine Motel outside Gallup, New Mexico. The reason it is non-existent is because of what is refereed to as “The Event” or “The Incident” which happened on 1:20:44 p.m. on May 4th 1961. “The Event” erased the room and its contents and nobody now ever remembers that a tenth room ever existed at the hotel.

An undeveloped Polaroid picture can allows a person to view the tenth room as it was at the time of “The Event” but only of they are standing at its now vacant location in the ruins of the Sunshine Motel. The Lost Room and the objects within it have unusual properties believed to be caused by “The Event.”

The only way into The Lost Room is by gaining the key; the key will open any hinged door with a pin tumbler lock anywhere in the world, turning that door into a portal that gains the holder access to The Lost Room. When Miller’s eight year old daughter Anna (Elle Fanning)becomes lost inside The Lost Room he sets out to get her back by using the key to track down other objects from The Lost Room.


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