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Review- Swamp Thing Ep. 1 Pilot

With memories of the previous Swamp Thing movie and TV show in my mind I sat down for this latest offering fearing what might unravel before me. The opening segment removed those fears straight away and affirmed that this new Swamp Thing would not be a toned down interpretation, in fact this this would be a lot darker then anyone anticipated!

In the episode CDC investigators Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed) and Harland Edwards (Leonardo Nam) are sent to investigate a mysterious illness in Marais. They soon encounter Alec Holland (Andy Bean) who seems to have more of a clue to what is going on. Then later, whilst out searching up a lead with local Police Officer Matt Cable (Henderson Wade), Abby again runs into Alec and a whole lot more!

Being the Pilot episode, Swamp Thing does have some slow expositional moments due to having to cram in the science behind the show and Abby’s back story but all these will hopefully add value to the series as it develops. These moments slow the pace down though and are probably the biggest weakness in the whole episode. It is an interesting idea to have the narrative delivered by Abby but I’m unsure if that will be sustainable for a whole season.

There are some nice easter eggs through the show for the hardcore fans. Check out the dates of the previous outbreaks. You may even spot some familiar characters of Swamp Thing lore if you keep your eyes peeled.

Does the mature horror thing work though? Yes – when it does kick in it though, it does so big time. The scares, gore, and supernatural weirdness deliver a mature horror story than doesn’t seem ashamed of its comic book roots. Those behind the show have succeeded in creating a world you want to know more about, and most importantly, those new to the world of Swamp Thing will need little knowledge of it to enjoy the series.

Verdict: 7 out of 10. A solid start that now needs to be built upon. The horror elements are strong and need to be built up. Also keeping the character of Swamp Thing to a minimum might be great in the beginning but they will soon grow stale so I hope they have plans to develop that.

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