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Star Wars – The Last Jedi – One 40 Something’s ‘Obsessed Fanboy’ take on it all!

Let’s get this straight from the start.  I’ve seen TLJ a few times now and it IS a damn fine movie.  So why are so many people vehemently angry?

I learned a long time ago, in a sales job of all things, that setting expectations correctly is the ‘key thing’ when it comes to keeping customers happy.   I have no experience of America, but in the U.K. you can literally tell people the world is about to end and we’d all form an orderly queue, providing there’s a plan.

TFA wasn’t the film I was expecting, the trailer and the hype painted a very different movie to the remake we got.  The highly vaunted ‘Knights of Ren’ didn’t show up, the 40 year wait for our hero’s return was put off and the ‘bad guy’, if you can still call him that, was a mask removing, father killing emo.

Still, it’s a new dawn, the film is also pretty good and if Harrison only wanted to do one more movie, then we are where we are.  We still have Luke, right?  And let’s face it, that’s who every 40+ year old manchild keeping the cash cow fed all this time, grew up wanting to be.  Our ‘New Hope’ would just have to be our ‘Last Hope’.

Enter Rian Johnson.

We all know Disney had to beg borrow and buy JJ Abrams temporarily out of his 10 year contract with Paramount to get him to work on TFA.   A questionable move for a man who admits he always preferred Star Trek, but after his fantastic work on the Trekkie reboot, who can blame them?   It’s also common knowledge (JFGI) that Rian had asked for a few key things to be added to TFA to make his TLJ-life easier.  When he didn’t get them, he even went public.

This is only my personal take here, but I think Rian threw his toys out of the pram at this point.  He then made a conscious decision to pay back JJ, by changing almost everything JJ had built up in TFA.   And the evidence for this, to me, is abundant in TLJ.

TFA leads up to that magical moment of Rey passing the missing lightsaber from TESB to our hero.  For 2 years, any of us with any emotional attachment to the saga were waiting to see what would happen next.

But much like the toys in Rian’s pram, Luke snatched it from Rey’s hand and tossed it over the cliff.   It was clear from that moment on; Rian would be taking his issues with JJ out on the rest of us too.

Kylo Ren destroys his mask after being made a fool of for wearing it.  Snoke, the only real hint of a ‘baddie’ in the film is killed off before making any impact.  Rey’s blossoming romance with Finn was shifted to Ren, and sadly, along with it, the chance for Disney to finally end the shameful Hollywood (rumoured) stereotype about black men and white women ever being seen in a relationship or, god forbid kissing, on the biggest of big screens.  I can hear the cringe-worthy meeting between the execs at Disney now.  “I know, to avoid winding up the far right, let’s introduce a character to get the Asian Market on board and set Finn up with her instead?”  Classy Disney, real classy.

Then there’s Luke.  Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke.  Where to start?  Why even bother.  He’s gone now, for good.  No coming back, finito, kaput.   The 40 year wait for someone we loved, someone we aspired to be and someone who had been criminally ignored by the film industry since the last time ‘cut’ was shouted in the ROTJ studio, is over.  And with it, Mark Hamil’s chance to get a thoroughly deserved taste of the lime light, one last time.  But at least he went out with a bang, right boys, right?

Wrong.  Luke Skywalker didn’t lift a physical finger to help anyone in TLJ.   The man, who would have gladly ended his own life to demonstrate ‘good’ to his evil father in the trilogy that stole our hearts, was a shadow of his former self.  He didn’t train Rey, he didn’t even spark up a lightsaber.   He just played a neat trick as a hologram, stalling for time, but he was so weak and impotent that this final act, resigned him to the role of force ghost, forever.

Disney, I hate you for this.  I will never forgive you.   You built up your cash-throwing fans expectations and then shattered them.  In any other business in the world, your contract would be cancelled and you’d be replaced by another firm who delivered on their promises. And from where I’m sitting, it seems like you still don’t realise that you’ve killed off your golden goose here.  How negligent can you be?

It would have been fine if he’d survived his hologram parlour trick too. Had the real, physical Luke Skywalker been given a decent comeback in the 3rd movie, it would have been great.  You could have even killed him off then too.  As long as he, as in the real him, not some cowardly and fake projection from on a planet far, far away, had gone out with a bang.  But no, you had to take him out with a whimper.

And after a few months to get over the grief and ridicule of our expectations, I think I’ve figured out why…

Kathleen Kennedy, the head honcho of Star Wars and self-proclaimed feminist, had other plans.  She made it clear from the start that this new trilogy would become a posterchild for feminism.  Good call.   I’m a big fan of equality and maybe bringing a little balance to the force could be a good thing?

However, the problem with some feminists is that they don’t want equality.  They want it ALL.  And unfortunately for a billion Star Wars fans of both sexes, Kathleen went too far, too soon. She wanted the whole of the (that’s no) moon, on a stick.

The Last Jedi?  It left us all guessing.  We all thought it was Luke.  Haha, what fools we were.  So it’s Rey then?  Well no, Rey didn’t even get trained.  A Jedi, she is not.   So it’s Ren?  Nope, he’s an emotional wreck with aspirations of becoming a Sith Lord, that frankly makes Jar Jar Binks look scary.  That only leaves one remaining force user.

Yep, here’s the sucker punch we all missed.  Leia is the The Last Jedi.  And she can flippin’ fly!  The quick-tempered female lead, who wouldn’t know the right end of a laser sword from the wrong one, who could charm the pants off even the scruffiest looking of nerf-herders, is now the only Jedi left.   Never trained as a youngling or even teenager, she is somehow now even more powerful than Master Yoda.  Backflips aside, he couldn’t bloody fly…    Darth Plagueis the wise?  Bitch please; Leia can stop herself from dying.   In fact, she’s now the most powerful force user the saga has ever known and this is the reason Luke HAD to die.

How else could Kathleen create a strong female, feminism-wielding, force user who would complete Rey’s training in the next movie without the aid of any pesky penis bearing men?  Even Carrie didn’t fancy sticking around for that plot line!

Huzzah, I hear triggered militant-feminists rabidly screaming, louder than the sound of millions of voices suddenly crying out in terror.   But as Carrie Fisher has died in the real world, this move, along with pissing off a billion wannabe Luke Skywalkers, leaves Kathleen with egg on her face and even more begging, borrowing and buying from Paramount.

Kathleen’s overall plan seems to be to take Star Wars from the boys, big and small.  Yes, the same ones who still buy the toys today (I am that sad) and to give it to a new generation of girls instead.   Fair enough…it’s a big win for feminism, but imho a big mistake for a billion dollar industry.

Imagine doing this in any other business in the world?  A new CEO takes over Ferrari, changes the logo to a dolphin and decides its old customer base isn’t needed anymore.  They’re going to make blue speedboats instead!   It doesn’t take a team of brand-analysts to work out that the existing customer base is going to stop spending, or that building up a new list of clients will take something special.  The share price would instantly tank and the new CEO would be looking for another poor shmuck for future gainful employment.  This is what Kathleen would be doing, if I was in charge of Disney’s profit margin.  It was a bold move in the first place.  Now it has left toys gathering dust on the shelves, it’s a failure that would cost her a job in any other industry.

It only takes a quick glance on social media to prove this too.  Sure, to a layman it certainly looks like a lot of hardcore fans loved TLJ too.  However on closer inspection, large numbers of these ‘fans’ have the same thing in common.  No photos of actual human beings on many of their profiles!

Look for yourself, if this review gets any more than 30 hits, Disney’s very own clone army of fake marketing accounts will soon descend upon us, using every trick in the ‘book of logical-fallacies’ to strike me down like Ol’ Ben. I’ll be called a misogynist, a bitter old fanboy or mocked because the film hasn’t met my expectations.  Ad hominem will be used in abundance, in all its manipulative-glory, and eventually some of the easily-led-herd, will start to follow the trend and actual human beings will join in.   Regrettably, this is just how marketing and social engineering is done these days.  It’s the emperor’s new clothes all over again and quite frankly Snoke’s sex-gown was a bit OTT too.

And this to me is the final nail in the coffin.  Paying for propaganda-style marketing that Palpatine himself would be proud of, to literally abuse unhappy customers, might well stop them posting about their negative TLJ experience.  It might even squeeze out a few more dollars out of those who haven’t seen TLJ yet as well, but it’s not going to make angry people part with more money.  If anything, it’s just going to make us all angrier.

Can JJ save the trilogy after all this?  Will he create another 40 years of young girls growing up and loving the new trilogy so much that they pay up to $5000 for original TFA Rey figure?  Time will tell and if anyone can, it’s probably JJ, but boy… oops my bad, girl, does he have his work cut out.

The irony in all this is that it’s recently been reported that George Lucas’ wife was actually the one who turned his original shockingly-awful-plot of Star Wars into the film we all know and love today.  Maybe we should put her in charge instead?

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8 thoughts on “Star Wars – The Last Jedi – One 40 Something’s ‘Obsessed Fanboy’ take on it all!

  1. Incredible. Every word you said was wrong.
    I’m not even sure where to begin with your butthurt. I could easily destroy every complaint but it’d be useless to you without crayons and visual aids.

    Star Wars doesn’t need toxic fans like you.

    1. Hey Mac, how you doing?? Thanks for the comment 🙂 I see what you did there with the Luke quote, nice touch!!

      The first thing I said in this review was that it was a damn fine movie. Do you really think I’m wrong about everything?

      One of the last things I said was that the replies I got would lead with ad hominem. I’m pretty sure someone of your superior intellect knows what that is though so, I’m guessing you only did it to be ironic? Impressive, most impressive!

      I wrote this to share my own thoughts and engage with others who love Star Wars as much as me. So I really would love to hear your opposing views, even if it means you digging out the crayons for me 🙂

      May the force be with you.


      1. Ha! I love your response to the “obviously real person”, “Mac”! I agree that when people have no real good arguments they attack someone’s character rather than their opinion or ideology (ad hominem). I struggled with this movie. I didn’t hate it, but wasn’t sure how I felt during it. I actually screamed with excitement and contentment when Luke was hovering at the end but felt immediate disappointment when he disappeared into the force, both moments my pinnacle highlight and disappointments in the movie. I went home not knowing exactly how I felt. I thought back to the shock of losing Han, but this was somehow different. For Han it was more about losing an old friend but realizing it made for the plot advancement even Harrison Ford has always called for. With Luke it was like, “what is your purpose dude”?! I came to the conclusion that I am suspending judgement pending release of episode IX. If it masterfully completes this trilogy great. If not, I can dump it as canon just as easily as Disney has done to preexisting canonized content. (Two way street Disney). At the end of the day it is just a movie and I can still look at my little girls and know the are what’s most important for my life. In the ends the fans will decide, and if they are unsatisfied, Rian Johnson will have three more movies to sell to a brand new and completely different fan base.

      2. I was exactly the same haha! Sheer delight to see him survive the blaster barrage, then it was taken away in minutes… meh. I keep coming up with crazy ideas of how Luke might not be dead, but I just can’t see a way back for him.

        Snoke on the other hand? Could that have been a clone? And was bringing them together all part of his plan?? Who knows. I just don’t see any bad guy in any of this. That fear we get from the menacing Vader, Jabba or Fett… we have Hux (oh dear) and Ren from the good/bad guys left. It’s gone a bit… well, Disney I guess.

        Ever the optimist here too tho. Let’s face it, we all want to love it at least 😉

        Thanks for the message Bill.

  2. I started reading this blog post thinking that there would be a reasoned approach balancing the divided viewpoints that the movie generated. I was disappointed as much of the same anger that I have seen elsewhere manifested itself rather quickly and continued through to the end. You try to get ahead of backlash against your own viewpoint by accusing supporters of being part of some conspiracy to bolster the movie using spambots to blanket their message, which is exactly opposite of what some assumed was happening with the viewer comments on Rotten Tomatoes shortly after the movie was released, that the abundance of negative reviews were the product of some small segment of fandom using spam bots to magnify their own displeasure with the film. You also try to nip disagreement with your opinion in the bud by accusing potential dissenters of being angry, “triggered militant-feminists rabidly screaming”. That sounds an awful lot like the ad hominem you condescendingly accused Mac of using against you, except that you were using it preemptively.

    Much like the previous Bill, I walked away from my first viewing not entirely sure what to make of what I had seen. Snoke’s death was surprising. The reveal that Rey’s parents were nobodies, definitely seemed like RJ was turning the hype machine on its ear. (I was not caught up in it like some fans were.) I really had to use the bathroom in the middle of the movie, (this never happened to me before during a movie) and I felt that if I could get to a Finn and Rose scene, I could step out. I was plenty prepared for the hermit that Luke was, feeling it was pretty well telegraphed by the trailer. When Luke showed up on Crait, I thought, “He had time for a haircut, OK… but he took the time to color his beard!?” I wondered just where JJ would take episode IX.

    I went a second time with my mother, and I am glad I did. I feel I was able to enjoy the movie much more for what it was, rather than what I thought I was going to see. I think that is where a lot of disgruntled fans are coming from. People went all-in on the mystery of Snoke and Rey. They went in with 35 years of expectation of who Luke was supposed to be. When the movie didn’t deliver on those expectations, they started picking at and attacking the movie. Calls of Rey being a ‘Mary-Sue’, other characters being the result of feminism and social justice warriors have been repeated to death. Many called the characters flat, the plot shallow, and sub-plots pointless. I couldn’t disagree more.

    I read a large portion of the Expanded Universe books, and can see how people who read those saw ‘Film Luke’ as underwhelming. However, I would argue that ‘Book Luke’ was unrealistic in how little he changed over the years in those novels, at least up to the point that the New Jedi Order series started. (I only got half way through those.) How many 60 year olds do you know that are exactly the same person that they were when they were 25? That Luke would be devastated by his own choices and the destruction of his life’s work by his nephew and star pupil? That makes sense within the story. A story, by the way, that was setup in TFA. That movie set Luke up to be missing from the galaxy for years, devastated by the loss of Ben Solo and the Jedi Academy. TLJ filled in those blanks. Would you have Luke say, “Wow, my old lightsaber! I’ve been sulking here at the first Jedi Temple, completely incommunicado for years, but now that you are here let’s save the galaxy!”? Saving the galaxy IS what young idealistic Luke would do, but young idealistic galaxy-saving Jedi don’t sulk on long forgotten planets. Again, JJ and Lawrence Kasdan set up hermit Luke, Rian Johnson just made him logically a hermit.

    That it takes the whole movie for Luke to shake off the hermit shell he’s gathered around himself is realistic. A curmudgeon that has lived for years practically alone within his own echo chamber of self doubt and loathing isn’t going to change on a dime. But he does come around! By the end, he rediscovers some of that old idealism. While it is too late to fix his X-wing in time to be there in person, he does what he can. And it is established within the movie that force-projecting oneself across the galaxy can kill a person. Maybe Luke could have done it at the height of being a Jedi Master, but he hasn’t used the force for years. That he could do it and not be severely affected would have been a cop-out.

    That Rey turned out to not be connected to the Skywalkers, or any other Jedi by blood may have been disappointing to the hypesters, but it actually returns the Force to the masses. One of the biggest criticisms of the Prequels was the introduction of midi-chlorians and by extension that force-sensitivity is highly genetic. It seemed to fly in the face of the notion people had that anyone could be a Jedi, if they just worked and meditated hard enough. In these sequels, we have an unconnected player that is highly powerful in the force without having similarly powerful parents. Obviously, despite those old notions, there is a genetic component, even if you only look at the OT. But the Prequels also established that Jedi were not supposed to have families. How are there so many Jedi, if they are not supposed to procreate? Where do all those Jedi get their midi-chlorians from if their parents are just normal folk? Maybe not everyone can be a Jedi, but a Jedi can come from anywhere. Rey, is certainly a manifestation of that.

    I think killing Snoke off when they did was a bold move. Snoke really was not as important as Rey or Kylo, and just because fans wanted to know where he came from, does not mean he deserved the screen time necessary to fill in those blanks. Once IX comes out, there is sure to be all kinds of comics or novels that delve into his story, but the movies were not the venue for it. This move actually opens things up for the Knights of Ren to finally be featured. Kylo is sure to be embattled with Hux when IX finally arrives. The KoR can be his personal hit squad to enforce his tenuous command of the First Order. I doubt that we get an explanation within the movie for where they have been thus far, but they will probably be around.

    I’m not going to defend Holdo’s treatment of Poe, I may understand it better with repeat watchings. Nor will I try to defend the First Order not sending in all their fighters as they clearly have superior numbers, especially after Kylo takes out the fighter bay.

    Finn and Rose…I still think it is a bit weak, but just because their mission was a failure, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth doing, given their understanding of the situation. One could argue that going to Bespin was an abject failure in tESB, the heroes get betrayed, tortured, imprisoned, and used as bait, and nearly die.

    Leia in space…I don’t see that she serves much purpose to the story after she re-enters the ship, so she probably should have died in that moment. But given that she didn’t, her ‘flying’ was not flying. What do you think levitation (a thing done by several characters throughout Star Wars), or a force pull, should look like in the absence of gravity? What she did was not really all that different from those other force powers. Surviving the vacuum of space, while never seen before in a Star Wars movie, does not immediately invalidate that it could be done. We see it happen in Guardians of the Galaxy (obviously not SW) but if it can happen there, why not as a result of the force?

    That people just don’t like the film, is fine. Have we been betrayed by the makers of this movie? I don’t think so. I don’t feel like they did anything to warrant the hate that so many people seem to be feeling. There is no possible way they could have met everyone’s expectations. They took chances, which is something that TFA didn’t do much of and was highly criticized for. Eventually, Star Wars won’t be able to trade on nostalgia for the original films. You make the analogy about slapping a dolphin logo on a Ferrari and selling boats instead of cars. I don’t think the business choices they are making are like that at all. Ferrari has been around a lot longer than Star Wars, but in the last 40 years, how many different models of cars have they had? How many movies does SW have in the same time? It is really no comparison. If Ferrari made cars the way SW movies are made, only having 6 models that only get touched up once every 20 years or so, they would go out of business. Old Ferraris are pretty cool, but with new Lambos, Aston Martins, and other high performance vehicles coming out all the time, sooner or later people won’t want to buy Ferraris. The original stars of the movies are starting to die off, they can’t carry fantasy/sci fi action adventure movies anymore. You have to inject new blood, you have to do things that have never been done before. As long as you can do that and be more successful than not, you keep making money. Stop doing that and just keep making the same narrow movies over and over again, people really will feel SW fatigue, and SW will die with a whimper. We have had a big push to feature more female leads, but I think future movies will have to strike a balance between male and female leads. Hopefully, SOLO will do that. I don’t think Emilia Clark will take a backseat in the movie, nor should she, but neither should Han Solo. The male and female leads should be equally awesome. That is a recipe for success.

  3. Wow, what a post! That must have taken a while and some thought, so thank you, it’s appreciated.

    Ok, you’ve touched on way too much for me to reply to everything here and I have a busy smuggling schedule, so will just focus on any points that jump out. Let’s just say I’m keen to avoid any Imperial entanglements!

    Firstly, I’m sorry that my headline and follow up post, didn’t meet your expectations. (See how easy that was Disney??). Much like the hit and miss TLJ, I guess I can’t please them all either.

    Interesting choice of word you’ve used there, ‘conspiracy’. Almost like me, the disappointed ‘toxic fanboy’ stereotype, has an axe to grind and a nefarious agenda with Disney, whose films, resorts and toys I’ve thrown thousands at and have enjoyed since the day I was born.

    I promise you Juliasand1, I don’t earn enough from my 9-5 to afford an ‘influencer marketing’ campaign from people like Redpill, but Disney does. Some of the companies their shareholders also have interests in and affiliations with are listed as customers on their site though.

    What’s more likely here? A firm that wants to make a return on their $4 billion investment, paying them to get that 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes in the first place and then making up crap about why it dropped to the 50’s – or heart-broken fans throwing the small change we have left after our mortgages are paid each month at RedPill for 20 seconds of their time? And as cheap mind tricks don’t work on me, I can see right through it.

    You’re right though, I’ve nipped a few things in the bud in my original post. Quite frankly, because I needed to be mindful of the force, but not at the expense of the moment! (And maybe because the one you highlighted made me laugh!) If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be getting well-crafted responses like yours, I’d have had a 100 ‘Macs’ calling me names instead. You and I are both better than that and I want the social engineering team to up their game. Who knows, they might even give me a job defending the inevitable looming shit-storm on the horizon for Solo and Episode 9.

    For the record, I don’t care too much for the whole anti-feminism thing either and have no idea what a ‘Mary-Sue’ even is. I was raised without a father figure in my life and think women are amazing. All my favourite people in the world are female and my wife, a recently-lost mother, grandmother and even a pusscat, have, or still do, rock my world. Go feminism, you have my blessing! But, I’m a Libra and a (failed) musician too, so balance and harmony are a big part of my life. I want equality, not the divide I see the media trying to create.

    I think the honest thing I expected Luke to do about the lightsaber was smile, or at least show some surprise and then ask the obvious question: “Where the hell did you get that?” No? Just me? FINE! . And sure, Luke had some issues (don’t we all!!). We can say he’s changed between 25 and 60 too, but my argument would be, why come up with such a rubbish plot in the first place? I bet even Mac and the crayons could do a better job if he/she put their mind to it. It was the 40-year anticipated return… It was over-hyped… and to me, it was a complete let-down. You might not agree here and don’t have to, but I’ve seen a lot of fan’s responses from ‘actual people’ online and from face to face conversations. Unlike the hermit Luke, I am not alone in the universe.

    I agree with a lot of the other things you’ve said, but not about Snoke. There is no bad guy in Star Wars currently, which makes it a pale shade compared to the OT and even the prequels. I’m not a hater of the prequels anyway. Sure, they had their issues, but they had a story which ran through the whole trilogy. At the moment, I’m not even sure what the story is in this new trilogy is? Is it just to kill off everything I loved as a child? Is it Rey and her wooden acting? Is it Kylo’s teen angst? Is it the building, or destruction, of the alliance? I have no idea, it’s not clear. The main thing that made sense to me from the first film was that Snoke had some kind of evil agenda, I thought would unravel and leave me itching for a 3rd film.

    Right now Disney doesn’t even need to make the 3rd movie. They could easily end it here as the 2nd film hasn’t left with us with any questions. In TESB we found out that Luke was Darth’s son and had to complete his training to defeat him. Was Han dead? And who was this powerful figure with enough influence to sway the mighty, terrifying and imposing monster behind the mask of Lord Vader? Explosive stuff. The same applied to the prequels. How would Anakin turn? How would General Solo become Ben and why would Mater Sifo Dyas’ clone army stop following Yoda’s orders? These trilogies had a purpose and couldn’t have closed the curtain without answers.

    “Is Hux really that much of a pathetic loser? Will Rey and Kylo fall in love? (bleeugggh #twighlight-shite). Will Kylo Ren find out his real father is actually Jeff Goldblum?“ (more likely than Harrison) just isn’t cutting it.

    A space rocket flies to the moon. Pedantry aside it’s just a term we use. Leia flew back to the ship by whatever means of propulsion you choose to interpret. But more than that, she suspended the effects of an oxygen-less environment, on her part-Naboo, part-Tatooine, part immaculately conceived body. This makes her powerful. And I’ve already gone into why I believe this was scripted. I’m not against it, I just thought it was awful and all the bullying in the world from people who disagree with me isn’t going to change that. I agree with you totally here though, she should have died in that scene.

    In fact, a tear rolled down my face as I watched it in the movie. It was a beautiful thing in memory of Carrie’s passing and I was in awe of the film up until then. As soon as she got all ‘look at me, I’m Mary Poppins yo’ on us, it was all over in a flash. I was sucked out of the story and the whole film took a dive from there on. Not because she’s a woman, not because I hate all women, just because I thought it was shit.

    I think you’ve overthought my tongue-in-cheek analogy about Ferrari too. Ferrari made lots of cars, but I’m not aware of any blue speedboats. Feel free to go to huge lengths to correct me on this, but you’ll be missing my point. New model cars wouldn’t make those with affinity to the brand suddenly take to the internet to share their rage and disgust. A blue speedboat and a subliminal announcement to never make cars again might. The ‘no more Luke, no more Jedi, no bad guy, no plot, no reason to make a 3rd film’ approach to TLJ, definitely has. Even Donnie Yen’s fantastic Chirrut Îmwe could see that.

    I too have always been one with the force and the force is still with me, just about. I admit though, I’m not looking forward to Solo in the slightest. Trying to replicate Harrison Ford’s cool is going to be tough and with the well-documented problems on set and the rush to hit targets, rather than make great movies, I just can’t see me buying a cinema ticket for Solo or Episode 9, if it flops. It breaks my heart to give up hope on the best franchise in my life, but right now these aren’t the droids I’m looking for.

    Who knows, that might change once the hype-wagon goes into hyperdrive again and my disappointment fades, but at the moment I feel Disney have misunderstood me as a customer and I shall be ‘voting with feet’; by treating their future-revenue-prospects with as much respect as they and their Influencer Marketing Team have shown me.

    Wipe them out, all of them.

    1. My apologies for the length of my last response, it was kind of a response to all the criticism I’ve read, not just your own. It all came out in one go. Thank you for the reasoned response. I was kind of dreading an attack. It is great to be able to disagree with someone and not have it turn nasty.

      ‘Mary-Sue’ (don’t ask me where the term came from, I’ve only seen it in criticism of TLJ) was a term used to label Rey as someone who had everything go right no matter what she did. I kind of think getting tortured by Snoke wasn’t having things go right for her.

      While I am hesitant about the kid playing young Han, everything else shown in the trailers looks pretty cool. Of course trailers are meant to play that up, but I can’t get enough of it. I’m still willing to give these movies a shot, but there is nothing wrong with letting other things take priority over a movie series.

      Again, thanks for keeping things respectful, it is even more rare on the net these days than usual.

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