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Toei Co., Ltd. have released production credits and exclusive high-res photos from Shukiken Sentai Ninninger Vs Toqger The Movie: Ninja In Wonderland.

Opening in Japanese cinemas on January 23rd 2016, the latest film in the “Super Sentai VS Series” brings together the casts of the 40th anniversary Super Sentai series, SHURIKEN SENTAI NINNINGER and the popular RESSHA SENTAI TOQGER.

In the film, the Toqgers and Ninningers must protect the Ninja Land of Dreams from the mad scientist Dr. Maburo, an evil genius with a childish personality and a fixation on ninjas. Maburo is played by Ryota Yamasato from the comedy duo “Nankai Candies”.

Takaharu Igasaki/AkaNinger: Shunsuke Nishikawa
Yakumo Kato/AoNinger: Gaku Matsumoto
Nagi Matsuo/KiNinger: Kaito Nakamura
Fuka Igasaki/ShiroNinger: Yuka Yano
Kasumi Momochi/MomoNinger: Kasumi Yamaya
Kinji Takigawa/StarNinger: Hideya Tawada
Right Suzuki/ ToQ 1Gou: Jun Shison
Haru “Tokatti” Tokashiki/ ToQ 2Gou: Jin Hiramaki
Mio Natsume/ ToQ 3Gou: Riria Kojima
Hikari Nonomura/ ToQ 4Gou: Ryusei Yokohama
Kagura Izumi/ ToQ 5Gou: Ai Moritaka
Akira Nijino/ ToQ 6Gou: Shin Nagahama
Dr. Maburo: Ryota Yamasato (Nankai Candies)
Tsumuji Igasaki: Toshihiro Yashiba
Yoshitaka Igasaki: Takashi Sasano

Voice Cast
Kyuemon Izayoi: Megumi Han
Ticket: Kappei Yamaguchi
Baron Nero: Jun Fukuyama
Madame Noir: Aya Hisakawa
General Schwarz: Haruhiko Jo

Director: Shojiro Nakazawa
Original Concept: Shotaro Ishinomori, “Saburo Yatsude”
Screenplay: Kento Shimoyama
Music: Kosuke Yamashita
Action Director: Hirofumi Fukuzawa
Special Effects Director: Hiroshi Butsuda (SFX Institute)

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