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Review: Mad Max – Fury Road

Ummm… I’m sorry but am I the only one that thought this film was a pile of sh*t? I don’t remember the last time I was so bored with a dreary, incredibly loud, road movie. I have never heard so much hype and so many good things about a film that goes beyond boring the shit out of you. I didn’t fall asleep in the cinema as the one thing that kept you awake was the non-stop deafening noise. I’m all for action and suspense but not at the sacrifice of the writing and acting. Don’t get me wrong as Tom Hardy is fast becoming a great and diverse actor and deservedly so but this film is sh*t. Just shit!

Firstly I’m not quite convinced of the plot if there is one. That’s fine as I have seen many beautifully written and acted masterpieces that are lacking in the plot department. But that really has no bearing on the quality of the film if the actors, writers and directors have an entertaining vision they are trying to put across. For a 12 year old I’m sure this would be a very enjoyable film. For me, especially after the wait and all the hype falls short of anything that can be compared to something good. I have many friends that I trust tell me ‘oh you’ll love it’ or ‘Hardy’s great as max’. Jesus, is he max, as you’d never know because he hardly says a word. Hardy can act, he really can and I’m surprised that he let himself do a film where he didn’t portray this gift he has.

Let’s get to the other actors in the film. I’ll be honest the ‘wives’ are hot. It reminds me of those sexy assassins from Dorne messing with the Kingslayer and Bronn. The ‘wives’ acting, I’m not so sure. And Theron gives new definition to the meaning of over acting. The baddies were great but I think you get an accumulation of 20 mins of these guys with no back story about how they got so f**ked up. That would have been awesome but it wasn’t to be and we were left with a film that is neither well-made nor well-acted. Like I said if you’re 12 and you like noise this is the one for you, if not stay clear.

2 thoughts on “Review: Mad Max – Fury Road

    1. Um, yes, yes I have on a number of occasions. I like to think you aren’t thinking these are remotely similar in any way. I’m a huge fan of George miller and I know this wasn’t the film he wanted.

      To compare them is surprising to say the least. If you were too then where is max, the dog, the dog food, goose and god knows what else. In summary you cannot compare them. I loved Mad Max. It was raw, gritty, savage and uncompromising. Can anyone possibly say the same about Fury Road, I don’t think so.

      However each to their own opinions and I respect but appreciate people who are wrong still have a voice. Especially at Cult Faction.

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