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DC’s Convergence #1-8

I’ve never been sure where I stood with DC since the new 52, for every Justice League Dark and Court of Owls there seemed to be twice as many turds floating in the comic toilet. Then they said Tim Drake was never Robin – which meant this never happened:


Which meant I stopped giving a damn.

Since that time I slowly withdrew, leaving this new DC to the younglings. I kept checking back, hoping Wally West would turn up in a new Flash of Two Worlds story but it wasn’t to be. Instead all we heard was “The NEW 52 is here to stay” so I felt I should go.

Then came Convergence – all worlds would merge! There would be battles! Was this the time to finally put right all the wrongs they did to me? Sadly no, it wasn’t!




Well Issue 0 just made sure we knew who Brainiac was, and introduced Telos – a kinda living planet dude. Then issue 1 told us through the eyes of mainly  Earth 2 peeps that bits of different Earth’s had been pulled together so they could battle it all out. So they did. often characters simply switched sides to survive etc. Flashpoint Batman ( Thomas Wayne) dies inspiring Dick Grayson to take over. Then a dodgy Deimos bloke pops up who can help everyone…can we trust him though? Whoops we can’t, oh no!

Issues 2-6 pretty much pad this story out further, with teams splitting up to go on different missions etc, then the dodgy bloke reveals his true colours and in a twist more predictable than a traffic light, it turns out the guy we thought was the bad guy is actually good and vice-versa. Deimos finally kills Warlord and most other people from that comic, then absorbs the powers of heroes whose powers involve time (Extant, Monarch etc).

Then comes issues 7-8 where Deimos reveals he has recruited various villainous and misguided DC characters to defend him in exchange for giving them their deepest desires. These character stem from Flashpoint, Kingdom Come, Extremists and the classic Golden Age Crime Society of Earth-Three. However, when Yolanda reveals to the villains that they are being used by Deimos, who wants them to die to grant him “the magic of death” to remake the Multiverse in his own image the two teams unite.

Telos is convinced by Dick Grayson to fight for the heroes. So he battles it out with Deimos, and weakens him, and then Deimos is finally destroyed by the Parallax version of Hal Jordan from the Zero Hour storyline. This inadvertently releases all the energy of the Time Masters into the world, creating an arc of lightning which escapes Telos into the space of DC’s main Earth-0 setting, striking the omniscient Oracle character, who breaks up. As he dies, Oracle explains that the whole of reality is coming apart, as in previous DC crises.

Seeing no other solution, the time traveller Waverider from the Armageddon 2001 story line turns up and summons Brainiac back, who reveals he was the pre-Flashpoint Brainiac, who, surviving that event, sought to explore the history of the Multiverse, but became caught in that history and was mutated by the effects of the previous crises.

Brainiac realises what a monster he has become and wishes to put things right. He prepares to send everyone back where they came from, but the effects of the Crisis on Infinite Earths prevent him from doing so. He prepares to send Supergirl and Barry Allen back to meet their fates in the original Crisis story, but pre-Flashpoint Superman and Zero Hour Parallax (seeking redemption) volunteer to go with them, and Lois Lane insists on going with Superman. Brainiac sends them back to the Pre-Crisis (Silver Age) Earth-One, where they manage to prevent the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Superman and Parallax are enough to change the outcome of the Crisis, causing everything to “return to what it was before I [Brainiac] brought you here.” The old worlds of the classic Multiverse live on in the modernised forms depicted in The Multiversity. The Earth-2 team are left behind on the planet but Telos, transports the planet into Earth-2’s universe. He appears in the sky to tell Dick Grayson et al. that he has remembered his real name and where his family is, and that the planet will be their New Earth-2. Once again able to channel the power of the Green, Alan terraforms the planet and makes contact with the space fleet carrying the displaced Earth-2 refugees, leading them to their new home. Dick Grayson will get to see his son again.

Convergence does have some nice bits but it just felt so padded out to me at time it was ridiculous. Even some of the spinoffs I read could easily have been 1 issue instead of 2. I feel this could have worked better as a four issue miniseries rather than an 8 issue mini series. I appreciate though, they were moving offices so had to plug the gap!

I will be interested to see what the relaunch in June brings especially now crazy cosmic magic, vibrational frequencies, Time Master energy and multi-verse induced cancer are present and have recreated and made cannon again everything that was destroyed by previous reboots, a Multiverse restored!

I feel Convergence served a purpose, but for the majority of the time I felt like I was dragging myself through it. No real shocks, no real twists or turns, but either way – they now need to build this new multiverse, so go DC, write good stories in it, and stop the gimmicks!

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