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Cult Cartoon Essentials: Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors ran for 65 episodes back in 1985 but unfortunately was never concluded. The plot begins with Audric, a botanist who conducted numerous experiments with biotechnology, one of which became Flora, and another became the Monster Minds: a set of plant-like extra-terrestrials who wish to conquer the Universe.

Audric creates a root that can destroy the Monster Minds, but is forced to flee before he can complete the task, after which the Monster Minds make Audric’s laboratory their headquarters (which can teleport to other places by means of a mysterious power source known as “the power of the black light”). Audric keeps half of the root himself and gives the other half to his servant Oon, whom he sends to serve his son Jayce.

Jayce and his friends The Lightning League (Flora, Herc Stormsailor, Oon, and Gillian) are thereafter on a quest to find Audric and form the complete root.

As mentioned, Jayce’s 65 episode run was not followed up, and it ended unresolved. However, according to writer J. Michael Straczynski, a movie had also been commissioned but was cancelled due to poor toy sales. Had the movie been filmed, it would have provided a sense of closure on Jayce, with his Lightning League meeting with the original Lightning League and being trained on the home world of the Guardians. He would be reunited with his father Audric, but according to Straczynski, Audric would have been killed by Saw Boss as the Monster Minds began a final assault on the galaxy, and in a final battle, Jayce would unite the root and kill Saw Boss, ending the Monster Mind threat forever.

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