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Santo in The Fist of Death (1982) / The Fury of the Karate Experts (1982)

Santo in The Fist of Death aka Santo en el puño de la muerte and The Fury of the Karate Experts aka Santo en la furia de los karatekas are the last two Santo films and are two parts of the same story – so will be reviewed together.

Both films basically concern the struggle between two sisters, both played by Grace Renat. The good sister wears a white fur bikini, and the bad sister wears a black fur bikini. The sisters are struggling to control a “crystal of power.”

Santo en la furia de los karatekas

The films are set in an unspecified Eastern jungle kingdom, and the “karate” aspects of the titles are justified by the presence of Steve Cheng as a martial arts expert.

The films also features “Niña de la Selva” aka the Jungle Girl, who apparently fell from space with the crystal as a child and who returns to the great beyond at the end of the second film. Santo and his sidekick Cliff (Carlos Suárez) align themselves with the good sister, while Tinieblas is the chief henchman of the bad sister.



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